The 5th Floor
May - June 2024
Curated by Tomoya Iwata

The society consists of individuals. Each one of us navigates differently within public and private spaces. However, when we come together, norms are established within society, positioning some individuals inside and others outside. The subjective experiences and worldviews of those kept outside are forced in the periphery, while the norms are connected to the authority that leads to the establishment of systems. How can we deviate away from the dynamics of recurring exclusion?

This exhibition features the expressions of Nitsan Margaliot, Antoine Mermet and Joachim Perez. Their subjective narratives about urban or intimate spaces may serve as a catalyst to re-envision society from the perspective of “fit,” “unfit,” and everything that is in-between.Furthermore, “UN-FIT” aims to slightly shift the boundaries between two states. By engaging visitors in a world perceived from the perspective of those who question norms, it creates a new archive formed by live participation. Through this, we share the responsibility of shaping the norms of the future with you.

UN-FIT expands on Nitsan Margaliot work Untitled (by your side) from 2022.

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