Solo show
Cazul 101
28.05.22 - 03.09.22


The exhibition SHOW ME A BETTER WAY, presents a new series of embroidery, lino work and a video installation made for Cazul 101. Joachim Perez creates poetic scenarios that focus on social and historical issues as well as his personal environment. His work revolves around everyday objects and situations while exploring spaces between identity, desire and memory. Perez is attentive to the shifts and distortions that arise from working with embroidery while inviting the viewer to lose himself in the layers of fabric and wool. His work points to the materiality itself, which becomes part of the subject. He creates what he calls “Sequences", in which he assigns a particular dimension and medium that generates a uniformity and provides a certain symmetry in space : Pink Dot (2022) or Keyhole (2022)

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