Set design + Costume design
Ace Lab
AceHotel New York

Choreographic piece commissioned by ACE Hotel NYC and  performed in July 2019
Tied to each other, three dancers navigate their own body and limitations. This dance piece  explores the moving body and its relationship to attachment. It questions the limitations we constantly impose on ourselves by looking at how freedom can arise from the dancing body. For this piece, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Thomas Piper has composed a suite of songs based on a futuristic dystopian world of NO TECH. Witness him perform this composition live in front of our audience.

This interactive dance installation will confront the audience with dancers. Audience members engaged in silent dialogue with the dancer by manipulating the music’s variables on the Roli Block pads, unleashing the sounds back into the space. In response, each movement artisan will intuitively improvise gestures in harmony to the music, relinquishing their body over to the controller

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