Chronicling my successes and failures in love, my work is autobiographical; focusing on my experiences of love, sex, and intimacy in the context of both queer digital space, and the pursuit of relationships obstructed by a chronically diseased body. While deceptively playful, the figurative and intimately scaled ceramics explore my ambivalence in love and the dynamics of queer relationships today. Each work is a personal memory, an ode to a romantic or sexual partner and our connection to one another (or lack thereof). Infatuation, humor, and playfulness simultaneously spur the making of each piece alongside loneliness, disdain, and lewdity. Every ceramic figure and phone is completely hand-built without the use of tools. Caressed into form from a porcelain clay body and then fired to cone 6. I experiment with a mix of low and high-fire glaze combinations resulting in final glaze colors that can be unpredictable, much like love. However I mainly use glazes that will most likely yield vibrant colors or textures that are, in some way, reminiscent of the lover they embody.

While based on past romantic or sexual lovers, the ceramic figures themselves are not direct representations, but rather poetic embodiments of my feelings fused with the persona of a partner I’ve had. I fuse my often unspoken sentiments and traumas with the perception or memory of a particular partner in each figurative vessel. The ceramic phones instead stem from my attachment and reliance on social technology, particularly in forming queer friendships and romances. Often the ceramic phones pull directly from interactions I’ve had on dating apps like Grindr, Jack’d, and Tinder. While others instead play with tropes of queerness, digital dating, and chronic illness.

From working hands into wet clay, the very same hands that held and caressed a particular lover or exchanged intimate text messages, I cultivate an imprint of tenderness, humor, and emotional immediacy in each ceramic vessel, and am left will a blossoming heart ready to love again and again!